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Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2016

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AutoCAD® Mechanical software includes all the functionality of AutoCAD software, plus comprehensive libraries of standards-based parts and tools for automating common mechanical drawing tasks.


Mechanical design productivity

Command preview and discourse menus Preview chamfers, fillets, and offsets as you choose the objects to use within the command. read and modify parameters victimization the new ribbon discourse menu for fillet and chamfer properties. 700,000 commonplace components and options deem a comprehensive set of standards-based elements to provide correct mechanical drawings and find a lot of consistent results on the work. Insert content and let AutoCAD Mechanical finish off the encircling pure mathematics thus you do not got to edit it manually. The package supports international mechanical drafting standards and includes libraries of quite 700,000 commonplace components.

Document 3D CAD models Browse creator files and build new joined AutoCAD Mechanical drawings supported the foremost current 3D styles. Incorporate style revisions with associative links that alert users to changes and regenerate the second drawing. produce section and detail reads from any existing drawing view. Use AutoCAD and creator 3D models to provide associative and nonassociative second drawings, or generate nonassociative second drawings from alternative 3D models.

Reusable mechanical drawing description tools employing a specific tool for nearly each side of the mechanical CAD drafting method will prevent time. Intelligent mechanical drafting tools modify you to re-edit options while not having to get rid of and recreate the first feature. for instance, you'll be able to simply size a chamfer or fillet through the first window parameters by double-clicking the chamfer or fillet. Layer management The layer management system mechanically places things on the proper layer with correct color and linetype as you produce your mechanical drawing. You'll be able to simply customise AutoCAD Mechanical drafting package supported your company needs, and use layer management to differentiate your drawings.

Hidden lines Update pure mathematics mechanically once changes occur, and minimize long manual redrawing. outline straightforward foreground and background choices that redraw pure mathematics to point out hidden or dotted lines of components stopped up by alternative components in your style. Identical components will have totally different geometrical appearances once hidden. AutoCAD Mechanical acknowledges that they're still identical if you would like to alter the look or get an correct count for the components list.

Mechanical drafting standards update ISO 1302-2002 surface texture symbols support surface indication leaders. you'll be able to attach these symbols to edges, and that they stay associative to things, however they originate from a surface or face.Machinery generators and calculators Get comprehensive tools to a lot of expeditiously build mechanisms from paper catalogs and manual calculations. designed into the applying atmosphere, these machinery generator and calculator tools—including shaft, spring, belt, chain, and cam generators—can assist you create tiny, reiterative changes to enhance mechanical drawings. They not solely produce components in line with your specifications, however they additionally produce all the reports and calculations you would like to research the look.

Custom half business enterprise support All half business enterprise options that apply to plain components area unit offered for custom components. Add custom components to the prevailing content library to share inside your organization. offer intelligence to those components by adding constant constraints to them through AN easy-to-use atmosphere. Use key options, as well as a foothold Snap tool and a Size-by-Drag tool.

Extended draw toolbar for producing AutoCAD Mechanical provides further mechanical drawing and drafting choices on the far side what is offered in AutoCAD, as well as quite thirty choices for parallelogram, arc, and circle creation; automatic center line creation and updating; specialty lines for jailbreak views and section lines; and a full suite of construction lines for orientating drafting views. Infer constraint integration Geometrically and dimensionally constrain rectangles, symmetrical lines, and centerlines in mechanical drawings. activate machine Constrain to mechanically infer geometrical constraints whereas making objects. Once forced, rectangles stay rectangular and centerlines stay within the center of circles or holes.

Content manager commonplace components live update Get integrated live updates to your commonplace components library as revisions and new standards become offered through content manager. mechanically update the components inside your style to mirror periodic revisions. Custom content library produce and save commonplace or custom components and options for simple access and utilise. Save time and increase efficiency—use the Favorites folder to marker components and options you utilize daily.

Mechanical engineering documentation

Note guide gallery Access the note guide image library directly from the ribbon menu. Recently used note templates, previews of every note, and tooltips offer visual references for choosing notes to use within the style. Total mass in bill of materials (BOM) Quickly verify the mass of entire assemblies directly within the BOM read. exploitation amount and mass element properties of every half within the assembly, the package calculates the full mass and displays it within the BOM list. the full mass property mechanically updates anytime you add or take away parts from the assembly.

Autodesk natural action for engineering science produce associative section and detail views of 3D models created in AutoCAD, Inventor, and competitive product, together with SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA, Rhino, and NX applications. Instantly update drawing views, edge show, and placement as you create engineering changes. Detail views embrace full management of form, scale, and annotations. Leader note capabilities embrace Holes and Extract Thread information. Smart engineering science dimensions produce dimensions exploitation abbreviated dialog boxes that handily management and expand solely the relevant variables for producing. With automatic orientating, you'll be able to produce multiple dimensions with stripped-down input, leading to instant teams of fittingly spaced ordinate, parallel, or radial things.

Support for international drafting standards AutoCAD engineering science package supports ANSI, BSI, CSN, DIN, GB, ISO, JIS, and GOST drafting environments. Adhering to a regular setting will facilitate to enhance team communication and drive consistent production results. The package conjointly includes drafting tools for making standards-based surface texture symbols, geometric orientating and tolerances, information identifiers and targets, notes, taper and slope symbols, and weld symbols. Associative balloons and bills of materials produce associative elements lists and bills of materials (BOMs) specifically developed for producing, which mechanically update because the style changes. AutoCAD engineering science package includes support for multiple elements lists for every drawing, telescopic assemblies, automatic recognition of normal elements, and customizable choices thus you'll be able to revise options to match current company practices.

Dimension in-place editor choose multiple dimensions promptly, and see a period preview once you create modifications. Insert symbols, add or modify fits and tolerances, add prefix or suffix text, and modify exactness. With multiple diameters on a shaft selected , applying Associate in Nursing h6 work applies the tolerance to every dimension, supported the nominal size.

Bill of materials (BOM) migration AutoCAD Mechanical package supports multiple templates. BOM setup is simpler with automatic mapping of BOM properties and automatic creation of migration templates. JIS and DIN content libraries Get in depth content libraries for Japan (JIS) and Deutschland (DIN). JIS library includes G 3350:2009 light-weight Gauge Steel and JIS G 3452:2010 Gas Pipe standards. The DIN library includes DIN 6917:1989, DIN 6918:1990, and DIN 6918A:1990 Fasteners.

Autodesk Content person Quickly realize your style content supported file objects or text attributes. Content person creates Associate in Nursing index of your information supported wherever you instruct it to appear. thus you'll be able to quickly access files, blocks, layers, linetypes, and styles. you'll be able to conjointly access and insert information into DWG™ files. Mechanical drafting annotation monitor Check for disassociated annotations within the model house, in addition as in every paper house layout. Associate in Nursing in-canvas badge flags every disassociated annotation (such as dimension, leader note, or surface texture symbol). The badge conjointly offers access to the Delete and Reassociate commands, supplying you with complete feedback on the accuracy of your documentation.

Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 8/8.1 Enterprise Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Pro Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium CPU Type Minimum Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64 processor Memory For 32-bit AutoCAD Mechanical 2016: 2 GB (3 GB recommended) For 64-bit AutoCAD Mechanical 2016: 4 GB (8 GB recommended) Display Resolution 1024x768 (1600x1050 or higher recommended) with True Color Display Card Windows display adapter capable of 1024x768 with True Color capabilities and DirectX9. DirectX11 compliant card recommended. Disk Space Installation 6 GB Pointing Device MS-Mouse compliant device Media Download Browser Windows Internet Explorer® 9.0 (or later) .NET Framework .NET Framework Version 4.5