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Solidworks 2016 Premium

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Solidworks 2016 Premium has new tools, interface. It has designed with the process enhancements combine that helps to complete your work quickly and easily. Solidworks 2016 Premium is favoriteby millions of users around the world.
Focus On Design, Not SoftwareSolidworks 2016 Premium works smarter. It keeps the CAD system work out of your way with the simple “Picks and clicks”.
Streamline Your Parallel Design ProcessCollaborate, communicate and work alongsidedisciplines, vendors, teams, and customers. It streamlines mechanical/electrical design.
Solve Complex Problems QuicklySolidworks 2016 Premium can solve complex problem very easily and quickly. 
Fast-Track Your Designs Through ManufacturingCreate a lot of elaborated outputs for producing and shorten development to manufacture whereas you save time and cut back errors.

What's new

Speed Up Your Design ProcessSOLIDWORKS helps to speed up the process of your design. It also helps you work focused. It reduces effort and time.
Increase ProductivitySolidworks 2016 Premium helps in increasing productivity. Totally new look and feel is reliable across all the applications of SOLIDWORKS.
Solidworks SolutionsSOLIDWORKS style tools will assist you create mentally, visualize, test, and document your 3D styles, obtaining your merchandise to plug quicker. look at however our entire product portfolio works along to style totally different elements of a sensible icebox.
Verify Design PerformanceSolidworks 2016 tools deliver greater insight and more control to verify performance of the design performance. 
Flatten EverythingMany industries need flat patterns of complicated pure mathematics for producing. currently you'll be able to flatten any surface and take the guessing out of making and validatory planar shapes.
Animate Assembly MotionNew Mate Controller simplifies manipulation of assemblies with moving elements, even those with several degrees of freedom, making multiple solutions. the same as a game controller, the new Mate Controller is a simple, intuitive thanks to produce and animate difficult assembly motion.
Communicate DesignsDownstream mental image of data is vital to engineering. eDrawings® improves collaboration and communication of styles throughout development.
Solidworks VisualizeIn order to quickly and easily turn out promoting quality footage, SOLIDWORKS versatile and Premium presently come bundled with SOLIDWORKS Visualize (Formerly Bunkspeed). This new pairing supports Associate in Nursing enhanced advancement to induce from CAD to "Photo" in barely five fun steps.
Communicate With ManufacturingManufacturers look to optimize however they work with suppliers. New enhancements to SOLIDWORKS attention deficit hyperactivity disorder assist you quickly and accurately communicate your style with downstream producing operations.

• OPERATING SYSTEMSWindows 10, 64-bit Professional and Enterprise Windows 8.1, 64-bit Professional, Enterprise and Standard Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium • RAM8GB or more recommended • DISK SPACE5 GB or more • VIDEO CARDCertified cards and drivers • PROCESSORIntel or AMD with SSE2 support. 64-bit operating system required • INTERNET EXPLORERIE 10,11 • EXCEL AND WORD2010, 2013