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Adobe InDesign CS6

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OS Support: Windows, Mac

Language: English, čeština, dansk,Deutsch, español,français, italiano,magyar, Nederlands,polski, português,suomi, русский,українська, 日本語,한국어


Adobe InDesign CS6 package may be a versatile publication application.It offers you pixel-perfect management over typography and style. It can create engaging and elegant pages for tablets, print, and all types of screens. It is very easy to use Adaptive Design Tools.That helps to repurpose layouts to look best on a diversity of orientations, devices, or pages sizes.

What's new

Liquid LayoutApply readily available page rules to mechanically adapt content once you produce Associate in Nursing alternate layout with a special size or orientation in InDesign.
Alternate LayoutUsing InDesign CS6, you can efficiently design and create multiple versions of a layout for various devices and print requirements.You can do all these task with the single InDesign File.
Linked contentYou can link content across documents or within so that changeswhich have made to the object or parent text can be applied to all the linked children objects.
Content Collector toolsUsing Content Collector, you can easily grab the text and objects from an existing layout. 
PDF forms within InDesignEasily create form fields in InDesign directly. You can do this before you export files to PDF.
Middle Eastern language supportPurchase and update the middle geographical region version of InDesign directly from Adobe for easier locating the of world documents and enlarged usefulness.
Pages panel enhancementsDisplay alternate layouts within the Pages panel to prepare content expeditiously.
Split windowView two parallel layouts at intervals identical document to match the design and feel of the layouts and facilitate guarantee consistency.
Recently used fontsAccess fonts you employ oft. Recently used fonts seem at the highest of the font list.
Persistent text frame fitting optionsBased on the simple parameters,set frames to grow with additional text. Stretch and equail frames automatically for headlines, call-outs, or other changable content.
Grayscale previewSee your layouts design in grayscale and see how they will look on a black and white device or when printed in black and white.
Grayscale PDF exportExport PDF files in grayscale directly from the Print dialog box.
Key object alignmentAlign elite things to a key object you outline.
Hunspell wordbook enhancements
Complex calculationsCalculate the value of panels and dialog boxes using complex calculations (for example, 12.5p/2x3).
Enhanced split and span supportKeep alignment together in paragraphs that split or span columns.
Interactive PDF exported as pagesExport an real-time PDF as pages instead of spreads.
Export to PNGFormat your InDesign document to PNG, a loss less format, to be used on the net. you'll export the complete document, a part of the document, or individual things.
Enhanced zoom for linked objectsZoom in to a linked object from the Links panel to evaluate it smoothly.
Extension set managementEnable or disable groups of extensions based on your recent workflow.
Indic language supportUse the multi-language Composer, an alternative composition engine, to work with Hindi, Punjabi, and other Indian languages, as well complex script languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.
Interactive HTMLInsert interactive HTML — such as Google Maps and animation created by Adobe Edge software 
Style mapping in linked textControl how the content linked in text is styled. Mentioned variants of text styles for parent and child.
Enhanced packaging supportPackage InDesign comes for hands off in Adobe Digital business Suite* workflows, together with practicality like overlays.


Design beautiful page layoutsUsing InDesign CS6, you can create sophisticated and stunning page layouts with the pixel-perfect control.
Adapt contentUse a strong set of recent adjustive style Tools to expeditiously repurpose your page layouts to myriad page sizes, screen sizes, orientations, and devices while not sacrificing sensible style or typography.
Create beautiful documents for printNow, it is very easy to create beautiful documents for print. Design compelling print layouts. Also create engaging books for e-readers.
Create engaging books for e-readersCreate partaking eBooks with no use for developers. embrace refined typography and pictures that size to suit just about any screen.
Create interactive publications for tablets

Inform, attract and engage readers with publications that integrate interactivity, video and sound. the flexibility to integrate with Adobe Digital publication Suite provides associate degree end-to-end advancement for making and publication immersive reading experiences on devices.

Create digital experiencesBring styles to life, group action interactivity, video, and sound. Export interactive PDF documents, SWF files which will be viewed within the free Adobe Flash Player runtime, and hypertext mark-up language files for the online.
Do more in less timeCreate, edit, and publish documents quicker. New and existing productivity options create page layout less complicated and speedier, whether or not you're functioning on print or digital outputs.

• Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 • 1 GHz or faster CPU • 2/3 GB RAM for 32-bit and 4/8 GB RAM for 64-bit AutoCAD 2017 • Windows Internet Explorer version 9.0 or later version • Adobe Flash Player version 10 or later version

• Apple Mac OS Sierra version 10.12 or later version with Apple Mac Pro 4,1 or later MacBook • 2 GHZ or faster Intel CPU • 3/4 GB of RAM with 3 GB free disk space